Jeff Rodlin

Psalm 33 – Storm-tossed Singers

How can you stand at peace in the storm-tossed ship? Because you know the pilot. 

The aim of Psalm 33 is to produce the young man on the bow of the ship, joyous in the storm, alongside other joyous men. 

Final verses: “Our soul” – not a solitary man, but the entire ship’s crew. Singing in peace and contentment. Patient. Gentleness and self-control. Gladness. What produces this? The previous verses. What produces this confident hope?

The Lord’s Providence, Sovereign Power, Unchanging Word. 

Providence: the Lord loves and cares for us. The Lord sees us. Do not fear, God will provide for you and your little ones. 

Sovereign Power: the council of the Lord stands forever. Victories, always won by God, when victory seems absurd. Jesus, conquering through death. Lord over all of human history. From the personal trials to the churning of nations.

Unchanging Word: From the first Word bringing creation to being, there has been no turning—the course has been set from the beginning.