Today in our text we find Nehemiah using a shrewd tactic in the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls. He secures the aid of all the inhabitants of Jerusalem to do their part removing the reproach of Jerusalem and making her glorious. They work side by side, shoulder to shoulder, standing next to one another with each repairing a specific section of the wall, a section of the wall nearest to their heart. In so doing, Nehemiah teaches us an important lesson. Our calling as the people of God, building Jerusalem – Mt. Zion – here in Coeur d’Alene, is to labor side by side, each doing our work to make the bride of Christ more lovely. We cannot all do everything, but if each of us does our part, executes faithfully the charge that is put in front of us, then we shall be assured of victory. You see, it is Christ, the Greater Nehemiah, who has put us in our position; Christ who has given us our particular gifts and abilities; Christ who empowers us by His Spirit to serve Him where He has put us; Christ who calls us to rise to the occasion. Our calling, in Him, is to stand fast, to labor side by side, to stand next to one another and so rebuild the walls of Jerusalem – making her a glory and removing her reproach.