As Jesus descends from the Mt of Transfiguration, he is greeted by quite a scene. There is a great tumult. A large crowd has gathered; the disciples are there, the scribes are disputing with them, and Jesus’ arrival causes quite a stir.

It appears that while Jesus was on the Mount the scribes had arrived to investigate his credentials further. The authorities in Jerusalem were very scrupulous about dotting all their i’s and crossing their t’s – and so they send investigators out once again to examine Jesus. Is this man a troublemaker or not? But they arrived while Jesus was gone and an argument has developed between the disciples and scribes, each endeavoring to vindicate his side.

A perfect opportunity presents itself. It seems that while the disciples & scribes were arguing, a man in desperate straits came to seek Jesus. Both sides latch on to the opportunity but the outcome is not as any expected.