The Triune God is a God of giving, giving, giving. For all eternity the three Persons of the Godhead have been giving to One Another – the Father glorifying the Son & the Spirit, the Son glorifying the Father & the Spirit, the Spirit glorifying the Father & the Son. This inter-trinitarian fellowship is the foundation for both creation and redemption. For when God created and when He acted to redeem us through Christ, He did so not out of any deficiency but out of His great super-sufficiency. “Of his fullness we have all received and grace upon grace.” This giving reflects itself in Christ’s conduct toward the Church. The Father glorified the Son by making him head/authority over all things – and Jesus exercises this headship for the benefit of the Church. This Gospel headship of giving is the foundation for the marriage covenant. Just as God gave Christ to be head over all things for the Church, He has given husbands to be heads over their homes for their wives. The implications of this reality are far reaching.