Last week we learned that our calling as the people of God is to respond to the Word of God with willing and eager hearts. Our hearts are to be inclined to the Word of God, loving it, treasuring it, valuing it – and from this heart attitude will proceed a life changed, transformed, and remade into the image of the One who gave us His Word.

But this response begs a certain question, does it not? What is the Word of God? Where are we to find it? How to identify? Is the Old Testament part of the Word of God? Only the NT? Only portions of both? And, of course, in addition to these types of questions, there are related questions we could consider – what are we to make of other holy books, the Koran, the Book of Mormon, etc? The related questions we’ll reserve for another time. Today I want us to consider the more narrow question of the inspiration of the Old and New Testaments – are both to be considered the Word of God for Christians?