Family Camp Part V – The Joyful Servant (Is 61:1-11)

September 6, 2010 in

This is the last of the talks at the 2010 Family Camp on the Servant Songs of Isaiah. The fifth Song sings of the Joyful Servant, the One in whose wake comes healing, restoration, and joy. This last of the Servant Songs focuses upon the type of culture that the Servant of the Lord creates among His people. It gives a beautiful vision for community life.

Family Camp Part IV – The Suffering Servant (Is 52:13-53:12)

September 5, 2010 in

This is the Lord’s Day Sermon from the 2010 Family Camp which focuses on the Servant Songs of Isaiah. The fourth Song sings of the Suffering Servant, the Servant who would deal with the sin of the world in order to restore the world to fellowship with God. For God’s intention to restore to Himself the glory that the idols of the nations have stolen can only be accomplished if He deals with sin. This God promises to do through the substitutionary death of the Servant.

Family Camp Part III – The Learned Servant (Is 50:4-11)

September 4, 2010 in

This is the 3rd talk from the 2010 Family Camp which focuses on the Servant Songs of Isaiah. The third Servant Song sings of the Learned Servant – the Servant who meditated and absorbed the Word of God so that he would be equipped to minister to the people of God. This Servant, more than any other, helps us understand why it is that Jesus had such a radically different understanding of His ministry from His contemporaries – and the answer is that He was a faithful student of the Word of God.

Family Camp Part II – The Faithful Servant (Is 49:1-13)

September 4, 2010 in

This is the 2nd talk at the 2010 Family Camp focusing upon the Servant Songs of Isaiah. This song focuses upon the Faithful Servant – Jesus was called upon to live by faith in the promises of God and to trust that God would reward His labors. But why did He have to live by faith? Because the task to which He was called was one of humiliation, suffering, and rejection. Only after being despised would He be exalted. So He had to trust that God would fulfill His promises.

Family Camp Part I – The Elect Servant (Is 42:1-13)

September 3, 2010 in

This is the first of five talks given at the Northwest Family Camp held Labor Day Weekend at beautiful Camp Lutherhaven and sponsored by Trinity Church (Coeur d’Alene), Christ Church (Spokane), and Holy Trinity Church (Colville).


These talks address the Servant Songs of Isaiah and seek to uncover how Jesus had such a clear sense of His calling and His mission. For as we read Gospels it is evident that Jesus had a radically different sense of His calling than His contemporaries – so different that many concluded Jesus wasn’t the Messiah, while others, who knew better – knew that He was God’s chosen one – still didn’t understand him. While most of Jesus’ contemporaries expected the Messiah to be a militaristic ruler, Jesus came as a humble and gracious Servant. Why? The answer is revealed in the Servant Songs – songs that Jesus meditated upon for the first 30 years of His life so that He could put them into practice during the course of His ministry.

This first talk identifies Jesus as God’s Elect Servant – chosen by God and precious because of His righteous character. The Servant’s purpose is described and God’s goal in sending Him is made clear – God has every intention of restoring to Himself the glory that the nations have been giving to false gods.