Blessed are the Peacemakers (Gen 13)

March 21, 2010 in

For the last couple weeks we have spoken about what it means to be citizens of heaven. We found that as citizens of heaven our task is to bring a taste of heaven to earth; to Christianize the world in the same way in which Roman citizens were to Romanize the empire.

As we consider this call and our obligation to use Kingdom Language, we can be tempted to wonder how to apply communal language, pre-Fall language, Edenic language, in a fallen world? It can seem that this whole venture of speaking with communal language is an exercise in futility, wishful thinking. In particular, I would like us to take up the question: How do we deal with the sin that potentially disrupts the union that we share? Paul exhorted us to cease lying to one another, to speak the truth to one another, precisely because we are members of one another, we are of the same flesh and bone, united to Christ and to His Church. So how do we preserve this unity when sin intrudes and endeavors to destroy it?